Law Reform

Law Reform

The LGBTI Legal Service Inc. includes a law reform division who investigate and determine areas within the LGBTI community that require change. The division has three main focus areas which include the development of community resources (fact sheets, legal toolkits, law reform submissions and reports), law reform via parliamentary submissions and the creation of concise fact sheets.

Past and present areas of law reform include:

  • Expunging past criminal convictions for consensual homosexual relationships;
  • Advocating for the rights of LGBTI families through surrogacy and adoption reform;
  • Unequal age of consent in Queensland;
  • The ‘homosexual advance’ factor of the provocation defence;
  • Supporting gender diverse people;
  • Ending domestic violence and supporting victims; and
  • Supporting LGBTI students in school and university.

Current legal toolkit, submission or fact sheet projects can be found under the Resources section of this website.

The Legal Service is proud to advocate for the community through these avenues and continues to fight for the change or removal of all discriminatory laws.