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Client Testimonials

We actively seek client feedback and we consistently receive positive feedback. Below are a small selection of client testmonials we have received.

Please note: names have been changed to preserve client anonymity.


Grace’s story

Grace lives in government housing in a regional area. She has been bullied for a number of years by her neighbour because she is a lesbian. Despite numerous complaints to the Department of Housing, nothing had happened, and the situation began to escalate. This led to severe mental health issues for Grace, at which time she contacted the LGBTI Legal Service.

With the assistance of a lawyer, she was able to openly discuss the issues which she had been concealing from others. The lawyer was able to help Grace prepare relevant documents. Grace has now reported substantial improvement in the situation and feels she is better able to cope.


April’s story

April is a transgender woman from Western Australia. She has been on hormonal re-assignment therapy for 8 years and says she had never felt more confident in herself as a female. She was excited that she had successfully had her passport re-issued to reflect her true identity, and was looking forward to the opportunity of re-entering the workplace and establishing herself in a job she would find fulfilling.

However, in August, her hopes were shattered when, in an interview conducted at a well-known employment network agency, she was told that “as a transgendered female you will never get a job.”

As a result of her treatment in that interview, April felt nervous when walking down the street and felt acute anxiety in carrying out daily activities such as walking into a shop.

She described feeling as if there was a big sign above her head saying “Transgender Woman Here” which, coupled with the stigma attached to remarks made to her earlier, led to a fear of ridicule she had not previously experienced.

April’s counsellor was unable to find a specialist service in Perth to assist her and suggested she contact our Service here in Brisbane. One of our discrimination lawyers was able to offer her advice over the telephone, as well as facilitating her shift to an alternative employment network agency.

Shortly after her consultation, April contacted us again to express her gratitude to both the lawyer and the evening co-ordinators who were rostered on that night. She commented that her confidence had been restored in the knowledge that she had legal rights, and was grateful for the empathy and support shown to her by the volunteer members of our organisation.


Tim’s story

Tim is transgender and had undergone gender reassignment surgery. At his job, he was repeatedly ridiculed about his gender and sexuality by a number of staff, including being called a “filthy f*cking dyke”. After a week’s sick leave, he was fired. He approached the LGBTI Legal Service for advice, and a lawyer assisted him to make a complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.