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What domestic violence includes

Domestic violence behaviour includes when another person you are in a relationship with:

  • is physically or sexually abusive to you;
  • is verbally abusive towards you;
  • is emotionally or psychologically abusive to you;
  • is economically abusive to you;
  • is threatening to you;
  • is coercive; and/or
  • controls or dominates you and causes you to fear for your safety or wellbeing or that of someone else.


Examples of domestic and family violence:

  • injuring you, or threatening to injure you. For example, punching, strangling you, grabbing your throat, pushing, slapping, pulling your hair or twisting your arms;
  • repeatedly calling, texting or emailing you, or contacting you on your social networking site without your consent;
  • damaging (or threatening to damage) your property. For example, punching holes in the walls or breaking glasses;
  • stalking or following you, or remaining outside your house or place of work;
  • monitoring you (unauthorised surveillance), including reading your text messages, your email account, your internet browser history or your social networking site;
  • making racial taunts;
  • holding you against your will;
  • forcing you to engage in sexual activities without your consent;
  • getting someone else to injure, intimidate, harass or threaten you, or damage your property;
  • threatening to commit suicide or self-harm to scare you or to force you to do what they want you to do;
  • threatening you with the death or harm of another person;
  • threatening to withdraw their care of you if you do not do something;
  • coercing you into giving them your Centrelink payments or wages, or any other money;
  • forcing you to sign a power of attorney to them against your will so they manage your finances;
  • threatening to disclose your sexual orientation to your friends or family without your consent; and/or
  • preventing you from making, or keeping, connections with your family, friends or culture. This includes cultural or spiritual ceremonies or practices.

You do not have to have been physically injured to have experienced domestic violence


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