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The domestic and family violence duty lawyer is a free lawyer who may be able to help if you are appearing in Court to apply for, or respond to, a Domestic Violence Protection Order. The domestic and family violence duty lawyer can give you free legal information and advice (on your Court date) and may be able to represent you in Court (in certain situations).

Getting help from the domestic and family violence duty lawyer

The domestic and family law duty lawyer may not necessarily appear with you in Court (unless you have a specific need).  However, they can still help you by:

  • discussing your situation and available options;
  • giving you free legal information and advice;
  • explaining what will happen in Court;
  • helping you with Court forms or documents; and
  • referring you to organisations who may be able to help.


You do not have to book to see the duty lawyer, but you should check if they are available at the Court you are attending and on your Court date.  If you need legal help, you should arrive early to the Court (on your Court date) and ask to see the duty lawyer. Make sure you bring all your Court documents with you.  Without them, the duty lawyer can only give you limited help.

Let the domestic and family violence duty lawyer know if you need extra help— for example, if you have experienced domestic or family violence, or you need an interpreter, have difficulty reading or writing, or have a disability.

The domestic and family violence duty lawyer can only help you on your specific Court date. If you need help before or after your Court date, contact the LGBTI Legal Service Inc or another community legal centre or a private lawyer.


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